Your Donation Helps Build Our Foundations
Habitat’s programs are built on the generous financial donations from businesses and individuals throughout our community. Your contribution stays within Mesa County and goes toward the building of affordable homes for hardworking families and individuals who applied for our home ownership program. To make your donation through a secured link, click Donate Here or go to the Green Donate Button at the top of the page. 

Donating your car is a great way to support our mission. It is fast and easy to do, and you may qualify for a tax deduction. Habitat International helps make this type of donation very easy through three steps. Please remember to indicate that you would like all the proceeds from your donated vehicle to go toward Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County.

  1. Visit donation wizard or call (877) 277-4344
  2. Provide your vehicle information and contact information.
  3. Schedule your car to be picked up.

Donations to ReStore
Habitat ReStore of Mesa County accepts donations of appliances, cabinets, building supplies, furniture, and more. Please read our Acceptable Donated Item List, or contact us at 970-263-0858 for a complete listing. Thank you for your contribution!

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit
Individuals and Businesses who donate to Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County may be eligible under the guidelines of the Colorado Economic Development Commission for Enterprise Zone Tax Credits for Cash donations made to our organization.

Cash donations of $50 or more may be eligible for a 25% tax credit on donor’s Colorado State Income Tax Return. Not only may donors deduct their contributions on both Federal and State returns, they may be able to claim the additional Enterprise Zone tax credit on their State of Colorado return. This means that, depending upon a donor’s tax bracket and itemization’s, a donation may cost the donor less than the amount of the contribution.

We are not tax experts; it is unethical and illegal for our staff to offer professional tax advice. For more information on tax advice, please see your accountant or tax adviser.

Habitat for Humanity | Mesa County, CO

Habitat for Humanity | Mesa County, CO