Homeownership Program

Building Brighter Futures
People in our Homeownership Program partner with Habitat staff, volunteers and homeowners because they wish to achieve homeownership and to build a future of possibilities for themselves and their families. Habitat homes are built in the Mesa County area, and are available for purchase with an interest-free affordable mortgage for applicants in our program. Habitat works with families and individuals who might not otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage. Selected families enter into a partnership with Habitat and invest up to 500 hours of their own labor, “sweat equity,” building their home and the homes of other Habitat homeowners and attend classes related to homeownership. Upon completion of the program, Habitat families become homeowners and are expected to act as ambassadors of Habitat.

Criteria for the Program Evaluation
Criteria is determined by the Habitat Family Selection Committee, and includes;

Residency, income and credit requirements:
-Be a US Citizen or Legal Resident of the United States
-Have lived in Mesa County for 1 year or longer
-Have not owned a home or property for at least 2 years
-Have a stable income for the last year that meets the income eligibility requirements (see chart below).
-Have not declared bankruptcy in the last 2 years.
-All collection accounts must have a re-payment plan in place.
-Demonstrate the payment of rent and bills on time.

Demonstrated Needs: include the following (but not limited to);
– Are you living in overcrowded space, and lack space for sleeping and privacy?
– Are you having to spend more than 30% of your income on housing?
– Are you living in a high crime or unsafe community, neighborhood or apartment/housing complex?
– Are you living in housing that is structurally or physically unsafe (damage to walls, flooring or ceilings); unhealthy conditions (mold, mildew); lacks proper heating, cooling plumbing or wiring?

Ability to Pay: Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County follows the income limit guidelines as specified annually by HUD.  Habitat serves families earning between 30%-65% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in Mesa County, Colorado. Income is determined as gross income that can be verified. Typically this is employment income, but it can also be Social Security or disability income, child support income, or other income that can be verified. In order to qualify for a Habitat Home, a family must have adequate income and the ability to pay utilities, maintenance expenses, monthly interest-free mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance, and homeowner’s association dues, if applicable. An evaluation of income, payment history, and the calculation of debt-to-income ratios will also be required.

Willingness to Partner: 
– Complete at least 500 hours of sweat equity from the time of acceptance to the time of closing on your house. The majority of hours are spent on the construction site.
– Fulfill the estimated closing cost of paying $250 upon acceptance into the program, another $250 after logging 150 hours of sweat equity and are site assigned, and the remaining closing costs (ranging from $1250-$1750) due at closing.
– Provide documentation if there are any changes in finances during your partnership in the Homeownership Program.

Education: Education is an essential ingredient to become successful as a new homeowner. Home buyers are required to attend classes that include family budgeting, mortgage basics, energy efficiency in the home, and stress management. 

INCOME Eligibility Requirements: Calculations for each household size are based on 2019 (FY) AMI for Mesa County ($69,700).  Low end 30% to high end 65%. Income is calculated before taxes from all sources within the household. (Updated August 2019)

** Subject to change        

Family Size

Annual Gross Income Range

Monthly Gross Income Range


 $14,910 – $32,305

$1,242 – $2,692


$17,040 – $36,920

$1,420 – $3,077


$19,170 – $41,535

$1,598 – $3,461


$21,300 – $46,150

$1,775 – $3,846


$23,010 – $49,855

$1,918 – $4,155


$24,720 – $53,560

$2,060 – $4,463


$26,430 – $57,265

$2,203 – $4,772


$28,140 – $60,970

$2,345 – $5,081

  • Habitat for Humanity of Mesa County accommodates all applicants on a case by case basis, for example: English as a second language, visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout Mesa County. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. After reviewing the above information, and wish to learn more about the Program, please contact Kirk at kgranum@hfhmesa.org.